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Give wordpress a testdrive.


i think vacation implies R&R so make sure that is on the top of your list. btw i went to archivers, its a scrap store w/a workroom (tables/fridge/printer/microwave/lots of space) that is completely open for scrappers to use whenever.
i bought some stuff, mostly rub-ons. i want to do a mini-book about my pregnancy (i have never done one so i need advice). how many pages should it be? i am thinking 12.


go back to blogger and buy the boots!!
enjoy your homework free break:)


Don't leave us - enjoy your blog so much. Best wishes in 2010 - Cathy

amy lapi

i have basic typepad and it's like $5 per month. sounds a lot better than $100 for the year, don't you think?...


Move to Tumblr! So like that I would follow you instead of reading over my reader (which I don't mind!) you would love Tumblr.

Don't leave please, I love your blog! :)


I second the Tumblr idea :)

Tamara Nicole

Blogspot's free . . . just saying:-). I tried a typepad but switched back to blogger. Also, great goals there!

Patty Tracy

Yay for knitting!! :) Great goals!


Okay, girlie, where are you? I want to know that you're okay!! Cathy

Anne Thompson

Hi girlie! i say go to blogger, we shouldn't have to pay to blog! I've been knitting and crocheting a lot lately, youtube taught me to crochet! haha

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