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congrats Nat, that is awesome!! great news!


yay! congratulations!
and beautiful ring!!

Leah Eggers

what a lovely ring! congratulations!!


congrats! i love how dainty your ring is--beautiful!

jamie k

yay!!! holy moly congratultoly! (I totally made that word up..)
that is so awesome and exciting. beautiful bling you have there too!


NATTIE CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you!!!


woo hoo!!!!!!!
that's awesome!


Congrats Natalie!!!

elizabeth rosemond



Oh Nattie its beautiful and looks great on you :) Congrats again!!!!

welcome youngs

congratulations!!!! the anticipation of sharing the news must've killed you...im sooo bad at keeping my own secrets :)

C. Rayevich

congrats!!!! vvvvvvvery pretty diamond :)

amy lapi

ooo00oohhhh! congrats!!! that's gorgeous!


Obviously I have not checked your blog or I would have already commented! CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you!!! I really am so happy for you!


Congrats!!! Finally catching up on some blog reading. So happy for you!

deanna g.

OK I wasn't going to post anymore comments since I prolly already blew up that section BUT OMG, how could I not!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS NAT!!!!!! Wooty woo! So excited and happy for the lovely couple ;)

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