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Try not to give up scrapbooking - it's a great way to document your life for future generations in your family. You don't have to buy everything - keep it simple - and journaling is one of the most important things. Cathy

C. Rayevich

Even if you aren't scrapping now, you are still taking amazing pics that could be scrapped later. One of the good things about this is that you can always come back to it. :) Happy May!!

Rebecca Foxworth

Having the same bad scrappin' mojo you're describing. Did you know you can have your blog bound into a book? That's one way to solve part of the problem.

deanna g.

I went on a lonnnnnng hiatus and now, I wonder the same thing... if I'll ever get back to it (I want to really really badly), but life just comes up. I hear you. My poor blog sits out there in the www alone and neglected too, lol :D I'm going to declare it a mission to make at least one mini this year, ahahaahaha!

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