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Not at all strange! That's why people hire therapists...also strangers. :)


i have been sick since the beginning of the month with a sinus infection, but remained in denial until 3 days ago when i went to urgent care...and for that reason i have been going to bed everynight as soon as i get home and sleeping in till i HAVE to leave for work which is why i am catching up on your blog during lunch (tofu scramble---although i still can't smell or taste anything).
Of course due to hormones I have had slight moments of tears at the most ridiculous things
1) movie "first daughter" when katie holmes finds out her love is actually a secret service dude.
2) the opening credits to "chopping block", some cooking show.
3) reuben telling me that i have eaten potatoes (3 days in a row for breakfast, lunch and dinner---tater tots, mashed and fries) everyday and i am not getting enough protein....
none of those things warrented any tears but we can't control these things. let the tears roll, sometimes its all better afterwards.

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