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It's beautiful! I love all the colors and the backing fabric is pretty. I think she looks like a Josie. Something girly but not too girly. :) Awesome job.

stacey fike

you should name her "serendipity" because it's a fun word and she's a lovely blankie!

Jennifer Hisi

Oh my gosh, this quilt looks so pretty! Can't believe it's only your second one!
Name suggestion: sprinkles
It just reminded me of some :)


i have no suggestion.
i just needed it to be known how much i love the quilt. its beautiful.


it is gorgeous!! miss you


Wow that is gorgeous! I love it! I wish you were here to guide me on my free motion. I think you should name her Lure because she is so beautiful and her enticing ways make you want to just curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book.

jamie ko

the first name I thought of when I saw it was Collette.

not sure why, but that's what spoke to me. and I think it would look perfect all wrapped around a little baby too....wink wink ;)


I think you should name her Francesca. :-)


i think it is gorgeous!!!! now i want to make one. i think you should name her patience


otto. cause it's funny to use the incorrect gender. ha.
otto is very pretty. ;)

Heather V

"the Happy quilt" because the colors are so delightful!!

catherine schwartz



Name it yo-yong. It's beautiful, by the way.


omg! This is so pretty! I think you should name her *candy*! Such beautiful colours!


yay! i love the quilt! it looks beautiful! :) miss ya cuz!

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