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looks fabulous.

good luck with everything!


holy crap, that thing is a beauty! woWWW! the colors and patterns and everything look so amazing! i bet it looks even cooler in person.

omg, you're leaving already! good luckahs and safe travels :):):)


oh its gorgeous.
handmade is always worth it.


Your quilt turned out gorgeous! Great job!

Katie Huggins

gorgeous, amazing, overwhelming and jealous! good luck and travel safe! hope to hear from you soon!

Anilu Magloire

Let me pick my jaw up from the floor...
OMG! You are one talented girl. I know your sis LOVED that beauty.
Amazing job mixing the fabric.


it's beautiful! good luck on your move.


That is one gorgeous quilt, you're sister is very lucky!

Happy travels, hope the move goes smoothly. :)

Jennifer Hisi

Oh my gosh, this is seriously awesome!


love and hugs and safe travels to you!! (and if you decide while you're away to go into the quilt biz, i'm buying!)




That quilt looks amazing. Good luck on your travels.

Anne Thompson

Dude, this is soooooooo amazing! What is 'free-motion' I'm guessing you just sewed and turned it where ever you wanted? It looks rad :)


your sister's quilt is GORGEOUS!!! I turned out so AWEsome, stressing the AWE!!! love it and the pucker is so cute!! safe travels!


dude you kick ass. that quilt is spectacular. gorgeous fabrics, beautiful design and details. your sister is a lucky girl.
happy trails and can't wait to hear stories from the other side!


Natalie, that quilt is amazing!! WOW!!!

catherine schwartz

Holy cow!! SO pretty!!!!! Love the bright pink--your sis is a lucky gal.

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