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yum, love this post! you do jump a lot but you are so good at it :) have a sip for me, ahhh I need one after this day! :)

miss morgan...

that would be a really rad book, and i think it needs to be done asap! love your recap so far!


you are gorgeous in these pics!! LOOKs like a great place.

jamie k

oh that first picture IS so reminiscent of San Francisco. I can so show you a street that looks just like that, that ends with a view of the ocean.

and that second picture of you...beautiful. those shades sooo work for you.

i need to travel. somewhere different. not like Hawaii and such, cuz that's still the US of A.


you are the best at the jumping shots too.


these are fabulous pictures! esp. the jumping ones.

Catherine Schwartz

OK--you have me excited. We are doing a house swap with a family in Portugal once we get settled in London and now I can't wait! Especially since San Fran is my absolute favorite City (thus far, I should say) and I am always open to pastry suggestions. I love the jumping pics...

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