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best sister of the year for sure!!! it is gorgeous, so love the colors!!!! :)


Definitely Best Sister! My mom always says the best gifts to give are those you want yourself. I absolutely adore the colors, so fabulous. So fabulous.


you would have to be the best sister to give this away! it's lovely!

Ali McLaughlin

It's so pretty! I love it!

Anilu Magloire

You definitely are sister of the decade!

Kate O'Brien

i so wish i could sew! you inspire me to learn. it's looking gorgeous and i'm sure your sister will adore it!


oh this is gonna be a beauty!
please share some tips ole wise quilter.


it's gorgeous!!

miss morgan

mmmmmm! so yum!


Oh wow and yummmmmmm


I wish I could sew. I love these colors :)


oh, all of these colors are love!

Aleida Franklin

Loving all the lovely fabric. Right now I just collect, need to learn to sew. ;)

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