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you are so funny, love this layout and happy birthday to your mom, they are the best!! :)

stacey fike

happy b'day to your mom!!

great page too!!

Tina Aszmus

Happy Birthday to you mom!
I just love that journaling on your layout, it made me laugh. And yes I did order the refill from that company you linked me to. Took me a little bit to figure out how to get it in though but I got it. Thanks!


feliz cumpleanos natalie's mami! i so love that you scrapped this.

but i don't think you have cankles.

Catherine Schwartz

you crack me up...and yea, no cankles on you.

Ali McLaughlin

That is funny.. next time I see you I'm nicknaming you cankles..ha!My mom also has a way of busting on my self esteem, makes you feel so good.

Kate O'Brien

we both made the catwalk this week! :) love your new layouts. they are all fabulous. so so happy that i found your work a few weeks ago!


for the love of cankles you silly girl.
love the layout.
and thanks for the sweet thoughts for my family.
and please please do share your quilting secrets.
I think it could be fun!!

Anne Thompson

This LO is sooo awesome! I love the simplicity. That's a hilarious story behind it! Moms are so honest hey? I nominate you best sister also, that quilt is gorgeous!!

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