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Tina Aszmus

I so get your excitement about quiting, I do.....and I'm jealous. Was it like Half Baked where the guys like...."F you, F you, you're cool and f you!" That's how I picture my 2 week notice.

Jennifer Hisi

Hmmm!!! Sounds exciting!!! :D


WoW, that's a huge and brave step! I'm so curious to know why!!

Ali McLaughlin

What? Does this mean you are moving away?? details!

Kate O'Brien

i so can't wait to see what the grand new adventure pertains to!!! :) so glad you are happy about quitting your job and that things seem to be going so well for you. so deserving.

oh - and both of those layouts rock! as always!

stacey fike

congrats on the lack of employment!!! i want to be just like you when i grow up ;)

Nicole Carro

So happy for you Nat, I know you're excited about the future - I'm excited for you too!

the dcg.

it's great seeing your layouts in the gallery! love that quilt! it is pretty!!

and it sounds like you have a newfound take on life with quitting your job (a girl in my ofc just gave her notice today too and we were all like, WoW! she had a glow abt her we haven't seen in a while. i'm sure you have that same glow).


I think you're idea for a cyber yard sale is AMAZING. I think I would have to buy all of your old stuff because I'm just so fond of you. And I think that it's AMAZING that you quit your job. I know being at a job you can't stand (currently in that situation) is hard. but congrats to you!

LOVE your blog & everything you do!


congrats on losing the 9-5. i can't wait to hear about what's on the horizon. good stuff, no doubt. :) if you decide to become a quilt maker, i'm buying...

Anilu Magloire

So happy for you! Enjoy your job-free time :)

Anne Thompson

Wow, you quit!! Good for you lady! Can't wait to see your quilt. Hope you had a nice Easter.

Catherine Schwartz

Firstly, congrats on quitting your job!! It sounds like you weren't too happy there. ALso congrats for completing the quilt top. Happy Spring!

Amy Tangerine

congrats on quitting your job! can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve.


I how I yearn to do the "I quit!" Good move! Don't let anybody convince you otherwise. :) (My dh keeps pulling that on me...)

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