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Anilu Magloire

I know!!!!! I am getting tired of Ben being the one behind it all.
And what up with the time difference in the island?? It get freakier by the second.

I am so, so, sooooo jealous about Scrapbowl. I want to go to!

Have tons of fun and get lots of paint in your fingernails.


have fun! can't wait to see all your wonderful creations and photos from the weekend. :)


glad to see you've "crossed over" to typepad. i am so there...vee was gracious enough to include the old lady (me) in the plan. excited to meet you, finally!

Anne Thompson

I likey your new blog! I was so excited for Sayid, but boo for Ben. He really bugs me. You are just a concert-going-girl hey? Hope you have fun at this one, and I can't believe you saw the spice girls! I secretly wanted to go!

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