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So loving your daily pages. Bigger and better things do await you both.


love this page!! :(Matt will get something he loves, just wait :)


for sure stay hopeful. i didn't get about seven jobs that i thought for sure were perfect for me last year. it will happen.

miss morgan

you are both totally destines for big things, i can tell. sending lovies your way!

Catherine Schwartz

I really like this daily... so great. Good luck to Matt in his job search.

Ali McLaughlin

Sorry about the job! I am sure he will find something soon.

Amy Tangerine

keep up the positive outlook. a brighter light is shining ahead.

Tina Aszmus

I was going to ask about that....that is a bummer but you're so right, there's always tommorrow. Just be patient because the job that is truly meant to be for him will come along soon. It can be hard to see past the dissapointment of this but you've got a great attitude about it.
and hey, tomorrows friday! *hugs*


great post. so true...

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